Warren Montgomery Obituary, St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Has Passed Away

Warren Montgomery Obituary, Death – Federal prosecutor and veteran of the war Warren Montgomery led the scandal-ridden District Attorney’s Office on the north shore. In 2014, Montgomery emerged victorious against three rivals. Montgomery passed away at 67 years old. Chief Judge William “Billy” Burris of the 22nd Judicial District declared on Saturday morning that he had received notification of the deceased from Montgomery’s office.

Montgomery has been the district attorney for the 22nd Judicial District parishes of St. Tammany and Washington since 2015. Montgomery was born and raised in Metairie and has lived in St. Tammany Parish all of his life. From a legal perspective, Montgomery’s first assistant, Collin Sims, is tasked with holding the position until a vote to complete the final two years of Montgomery’s second six-year term is possible. Montgomery was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2019, and the disease eventually spread to his lungs.

Following that, he underwent multiple rounds of treatment at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In a Saturday message to her followers, Sims said, “I confirm Warren has passed away with great sadness.” Parish Council Chairman Jake Airey said that Montgomery “was always congenial and never failed to ask how you or your family were doing,” even when he was not feeling well following his treatments.

“He will be missed and his deep concern for the St. Tammany Parish District Attorney’s office is evident,” Airey went on to say. “We thank his family for allowing him to serve and send our prayers to them during this difficult time.” In January 2015, former Montgomery District Attorney Walter Reed, one of the most powerful and contentious political figures on the North Shore, concluded his thirty-year tenure with a formal and spectacular swearing-in ceremony.

Due to a federal investigation, Reed withdrew from the run for a sixth term in office, setting the stage for a hotly contested 2014 district attorney contest. Montgomery was a political outsider in the fight against three opponents. Republican Montgomery positioned himself as a newbie who would shift positions during the campaign, embracing his outsider status. Voters in the north shore were moved by the message, and Montgomery made it to the runoff, where he just managed to defeat the front-runner and favorite, Brian Trainor. At the time, Trainor served as Sheriff Jack Strain’s chief deputy. Montgomery’s surviving spouse is his wife, Valerie Montgomery. According to their campaign bio, Montgomery is a mom of four children.