Vernon Gordon Obituary, Victim Killed In The Louisiana School Shooting Identified

Vernon Gordon Obituary, Death- We mourn Vernon Gordon Jr., a cherished 16-year-old football player, who died in the Louisiana school shooting on Tuesday. Vernon was a promising young guy whose future was cut short. Vernon Gordon Jr. died at St. Helena College and Career Academy in Greensburg, where he played football.

He was an aspiring athlete, beloved son, nephew, and student-born. Since Vernon was the son of an assistant football coach and the nephew of the principal, he had significant links to the school community. A 14-year-old student, whose identity is unknown owing to age, killed Vernon and injured two others.

This stupid crime may have been motivated by bullying, although details are unknown. The energy and passion Vernon brought to football will be remembered. His passion for the game and studies won over his peers. He was a student and a sign of hope for the future, a youthful spirit with cruelly cut dreams.

After this heartbreaking occurrence, St. Helena Parish has rallied to support each other. The district has delayed schools until Friday and is offering grief counselors to help pupils cope with trauma. In lieu of a football game, the community will release balloons in Vernon’s memory to feel united and grieve.

We grieve Vernon Gordon Jr. and resolve to work together to protect our schools, students, and staff. We agree with the St. Helena Parish Sheriff’s Department, who have investigated this tragedy tirelessly. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards offered his condolences to Greensburg’s grieving community, lamenting the all-too-frequent effect of senseless violence.

We will never forget Vernon Gordon Jr., a symbol of youth lost too young. In this time of sorrow, we recall his brilliant grin, his passion of football, and his unmet dreams, which remind us of the importance to address our youth’s difficulties. Vernon Gordon Jr. may rest in peace, and may his family find comfort in their memories. We pray for all those affected by this tragedy.