Tyler Mattison Obituary, Hornell, New York Native Has Passed Away

Tyler Mattison Obituary, Death – Tyler Mattison has sadly passed away. Following Tyler’s tragic passing, the town of Hornell is in profound mourning. As a cherished brother, son, and friend, Tyler will always be remembered by those who had the privilege of knowing him. The heartfelt tributes that Tyler’s family members are leaving behind demonstrate the profound impact he had on people.

Sherrie Canfield Wester, Tyler’s mother, conveyed the devastating news and the family’s overall pain. Sherrie wrote a beautiful note to her daughter Alexis, acknowledging the pain and offering compassion during this incredibly difficult time. Bri Evingham, a dear friend, talked of the spectrum of emotions Tyler elicited, from chuckles to moments of frustration. Despite the highs and lows, the recollections showed a person with a knack for happiness and camaraderie.

Bri grinned, recalling their moments spent together—from choosing the silliest songs to performing a duet to pulling funny faces on Snapchat. Tyler was felt in the small things that give a friendship its own character in addition to being there for regular events. Bri remembered the amusing conversations that took place on spooky movie nights and how her couch eventually became Tyler’s couch.

I was very moved by Bri’s devotion since it demonstrated Tyler’s love, particularly when he held Mikey’s hand while watching scary movies. Not to mention their shared moments and giggles, Tyler won everyone over with his genuine warmth and caring demeanor. As Bri so beautifully stated, “A part of you lives in your babies, and my heart breaks so bad for his family.” Tyler’s impact will live on in the people he touched, especially his kids. During this time of great grief, the town comes together to grieve Tyler Mattison’s passing. He will always be remembered for the happiness, quality time, and love he gave to everyone who was lucky enough to call him friends and family.