Tommie Parsons Obituary, Truck By A Vehicle And Killed On Chili Avenue Identified

Tommie Parsons Obituary, Death- We regret to inform you of the awful loss we suffered on Wednesday, in Chili, New York, of our much-loved son, brother, and friend, Tommie Parsons. Tommie, originally from the exciting city of Rochester, was only 23 years old. His tragic death underscores the transience of life and the need to appreciate every moment.

Tommie Parsons worked hard for a company that had the important job of sealing people’s driveways. Around 1:30 on that fateful afternoon, he was working diligently as he filled a bucket with sealant behind a trailer on Chili Avenue. It was while performing this routine activity that tragedy struck.

Tommie was working in a trailer when it was hit by a Jeep driven by a person who walked away unharmed. The accident injuries were fatal despite the quick response of the rescue services. Family and friends of Tommie Parsons are still in astonishment and shock over his sudden death.

In light of this tragic event, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has urged all motorists to remain alert and vigilant. Lt. Dean Tuthill delivered a powerful message, imploring drivers to maintain a heightened state of situational awareness at all times and to anticipate potential hazards and dangers on the road. Tommie Parsons’ life was full of hope and possibility, and he left an indelible mark on everyone he met.

His work ethic, his kind demeanor, and his willingness to help others are qualities that will live on in people’s memories. We send our deepest sympathies to Tommie’s family and friends as the inquiry into this tragic event proceeds. May the love and support of family and friends, as well as the precious memories of our time spent with Tommie, help ease our pain.

Although Tommie Parsons is no longer with us physically, he will always be remembered in our thoughts and prayers as a gentle reminder of the importance of treating others with kindness and respect and taking every opportunity to appreciate the gift of life. A subsequent announcement will be made regarding funeral and memorial service plans. Tommie, my dear, rest in peace. There will never be someone like you again.