Stanley Kimmick Obituary, Life-Long Resident Of Cañon City Has Died

Stanley Kimmick Obituary, Death- Stanley William Kimmick, a Colorado native who loved his family and the outdoors, passed away on September 13, 2023. He was 85 years old. Stanley Kimmick, who was born in Caon City in 1938, was an upstanding member of society who exemplified the qualities of hard work, reverence for nature, and devotion to family.

Stanley has always been proud to name Caon City his home because it is a beautiful, historically significant community. He worked hard at several different occupations over the years, and his dedication showed through in each one. Stanley was committed to finishing every task, no matter how much effort it took.

Stanley loved nature and spent time there almost as much as anything else. The rugged landscape of Colorado was where he finally found peace and contentment. Fishing and hunting were two of his favorite pastimes because they connected him with nature. Stanley enjoyed these get-togethers with his loved ones since they allowed him to share his enthusiasm for nature with others.

His family meant the world to him. Rick, Michael, Diana (Clay) Phillips, and Jeremy (Sheila) Kimmick all had a loving father in them. Jeremy, Rick, Michael, and Diana (Clay) are his children’s names. As a grandfather and great-grandfather, he found immense joy in witnessing the growth and success of his descendants.

The roles that Stanley played as a brother, uncle, and grandfather were all vitally important. He leaves behind only his sister Margaret “Dolly” Worley and his brother Alfred Kimmick, both of whom were quite close to him. He also kept in touch with his ex-wife and good friend, Sharon Kimmick, who was a source of comfort and encouragement to him.

Stanley Kimmick passed away on September 13, 2023, and was laid to rest next to his parents, Rudolph and Margaret Marie Trella Kimmick, and brothers, Edward and Andrew Kimmick. Family and friends are welcome to Stanley’s Funeral Services at Wilson Memorial Chapel, located at 1449 South 9th Street in Caon City, Colorado, on Friday, September 22, 2023 at 1:00 PM.

Many people will remember Stanley William Kimmick as a steadfast Coloradan, a devoted parent and grandfather, a devoted sibling, and a genuine friend. All of his friends and acquaintances will always treasure their memories of him. My hope is that he finally finds peace in the wilderness he loved so much.