Shelley Gonzales Obituary, NC Wing Group 3, Civil Air Patrol Longtime Member Has Died

Shelley Gonzales Obituary, Death- We are saddened by the passing of Lt Col Shelley Gonzales, who was an outstanding member of the Civil Air Patrol. When she passed away suddenly, her family was there to comfort her. Our hearts are filled with sadness and grief at the news of her passing.

Shelley was a very devoted and enthusiastic member of the Civil Air Patrol, and her contributions to our organization were incalculable. She made an indelible imprint on our organization at every level with her contributions. Recently, she commanded our CAP division in Emergency Management, during which time she oversaw the execution of various events and programs.

Everyone who knew her was motivated by her work ethic and dedication to her profession. In addition to fulfilling her professional responsibilities, Shelley was also a passionate servant leader. Her commitment to the Civil Air Patrol and all of our cadets was unparalleled.

She found great joy in assisting those who would one day take leadership roles in our organization and devoted much effort to fostering their growth. Her enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to their growth will live on forever. Shelley Gonzales has a true talent for making other people laugh.

Everyone who had the pleasure of her company was touched by her humor, warmth, and compassion. During this trying time, we want you to talk to one another about your favorite memories of Shelley so that you can keep her spirit alive via the laughter and tales she shared.

This terrible event serves to remind us of the precarious nature of life and the importance of savoring each and every moment spent with this remarkable organization. In memory of Shelley, let us honor her by being wonderful wingmen to one another and offering solace to those who are suffering at this trying time.

During this difficult time, we will provide details regarding the service and arrangements as soon as they become available to us. While this is going on, members of our command team, our wing chaplain, and fellow wingmen are all available to talk about the loss.

Because of the indelible mark she has left on the Civil Air Patrol, Lieutenant Colonel Shelley Gonzales will be greatly missed by all of the members. Remembering her in a way that shows gratitude for the time we spent together and the significant difference she made in our lives is requested.