Rich Dean Obituary, Butler Fire Department Announce The Death Of Former Captain

Rich Dean Obituary, Death – Former Butler Fire Department Captain Rich Dean has passed away, and it is with great sadness that the members of the Butler Fire Department acknowledge his passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time. Richie has fifty years of experience as an active member of our fire department, and he is recognized by the state of New Jersey as an exempt fireman.

Rich served as the Captain of the Kinney Hose Company (Engine 341) and was an Active Member of our Fire Police during his time with the Department. He has recently retired from the department. Richie was always a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects, and he enjoyed engaging in conversation with a wide variety of people.

For a very long time, he has been an extremely helpful member of our Department, and all of us are going to miss having him around. Rich also spent a significant amount of time “on the desk” at Butler Police Department as one of their Telecommunicators (Dispatchers), where he served as the voice on the other end of the radio for us. When there was no such thing as a GPS, all of the first responders in our region knew that if Rich was working, they would always know exactly where to go because he could provide instructions.

The time that was spent with Rich will be in everyone’s memories forever. All of the memories will continue to be preserved in the thoughts and hearts of all of the members who he collaborated with and mentored over the course of his career. Rich, you will be missed, and we are grateful to you for your service and for everything you’ve contributed over the years. Brother, you may take it easy; we’ll handle things from here on out.

Author: John Wills