Ray Hodgson Obituary, Beloved Father-In-Law Has Passed Away

Ray Hodgson Obituary, Death – We announce with great grief and heavy hearts that Ray Hodgson, our dear father-in-law, passed away early on November 12, 2023. Ray passed away on Friday, November 10, 2023, from a heart attack. Those who had the honour of knowing him will mourn his loss greatly.

In addition to being a beloved father-in-law, Ray also left behind a legacy of warmth, love, and kindness within our community. Family and friends are in mourning following his abrupt departure, and we are trying to come to terms with life without him. We remember Ray as a man who made us laugh and smile even in the middle of our sadness. His contagious personality and capacity to inspire everyone around him made him a cherished presence in many people’s lives.

Ray had a way of making others feel important and appreciated, whether it was through a soothing remark, a shared laugh, or something else entirely. Although he passed away physically from a heart attack, his memory will always be alive via the stories we tell each other, the lessons he taught us, and the love he freely offered. Let us take courage from the innumerable moments of joy and love that Ray gave us as we face the challenging days that lie ahead.

Shaun and Stella Hodgson, together with family and friends, are grieving the death of an extraordinary guy, and they have our deepest sympathies. May you find solace in the recollections of Ray’s affection and humour during this trying period.

Let’s celebrate Ray Hodgson’s life and the great influence he had on everyone around him as we pay tribute to his memory. May he rest in peace for all eternity, knowing that everyone who had the good fortune to meet him will always carry his legacy with them.