Pamela McLean Obituary, Dies Of Blunt Force Head Injuries

Pamela McLean Obituary, Death – We remember with heavy hearts and profound grief Pamela McLean’s untimely death. She was a victim of senseless violence who shocked and wounded our community. On November 1st, Pamela was found in her home near Cooper Point Road, off 44th Avenue Northwest, during a welfare check. This was where Pamela lived her last days. The circumstances surrounding her demise have left our community in tremendous sorrow.

The discovery of Pamela’s lifeless body by police enforcement and the subsequent arrest of her 31-year-old roommate, Taylor Ryan Perkins, on charges of second-degree murder and domestic abuse have cast a pall over our neighborhood. The details of Pamela’s terrible death have emerged via court records, and they paint a horrifying picture of what happened. Authorities claim that following an argument over money, Perkins attacked Pamela in their kitchen.

Sadly, the argument escalated into a violent brawl that resulted in an unimaginable terrible deed. Perkins is said to have stomped on Pamela’s skull while she was unconscious on the ground, an act of unfathomable savagery. It’s amazing that Perkins lived in the house with Pamela’s body for two days. Not only is Pamela McLean’s death tragic for her friends and family, but it also serves as a sobering reminder of how important it is to address domestic abuse in our community.

Pamela’s death in an environment that should have been safe serves as a reminder of how important it is to raise awareness of the warning signs of abuse and foster a culture that prioritizes action and support. As we remember Pamela, we offer our deepest sympathies and unwavering support to her loved ones, standing in solidarity during this incredibly difficult time. Those who were lucky enough to have known Pamela will always remember her warm, loving, and vibrant legacy.

We need to strive toward creating a culture where violent crimes—particularly those that occur in homes—are promptly and through structural change, in addition to seeking justice for Pamela McLean. Let Pamela’s tragic story serve as a catalyst for more advocacy, awareness-raising, and education against domestic abuse.