Mike Gray Obituary, Founder Of J&G Aviation, LLC Has Peacefully Passed Away

Mike Gray Obituary, Death – After the passing of J&G Aviation’s founder, Mike Gray, the company is in a state of deep sadness and has declared a period of mourning for all employees. Mike’s father was a fearless P-47 fighter pilot during World War II, and Mike’s father was always a light for Mike’s aviation interest. Mike was named after his father.

Mike’s father sparked an interest in aviation in his son, which led to Mike being a prominent figure in the field of aviation. Mike was a true renaissance man in every sense of the word. He was an accomplished soccer player during his boyhood and college days, an aviation law, a committed collegiate lecturer who educated many students on their way toward a profession in aviation (including our other founder), a pilot, aircraft owner, and aircraft builder; he was also an aircraft constructor.

He founded our company. Mike also kept active by playing soccer all through his youth and into his college years. During this trying time, we think back on the love that he had for his wife, Jan, and how they shared it with one other.

The recollections of the fun times we had with Mike provide us peace, and we are grateful for the indelible stamp he left on each of our lives. Although we are grieved by Mike’s passing, we take solace in the memories of the happy times we enjoyed with him.

Author: John Wills