Michael Scanlon Obituary, Has Passed Away,

Michael Scanlon Obituary, Death – Michael James Scanlon was a true stalwart of the Bunninadden GAA, and the community bids him farewell with much grief and a profound feeling of loss. On November 8, 2023, Michael James, a man whose name has come to represent leadership, passion, and dedication, passed away quietly at home in Woodhill, Bunninadden, County Sligo. He passed away surrounded by his family, leaving a legacy that will live on in our cherished GAA club’s history.

Michael James was predeceased by his sister Mary Lawlor and parents Joseph and Ellen Scanlon. His life was a tribute to his unshakable dedication to both sports and the community. He served as president of Bunninadden GAA for more than ten years, during which time his leadership and influence influenced the club’s course.

Michael James Scanlon was a man whose love for the GAA and commitment to its ideals could be seen in every choice he made. He was more than just a president; he was a guiding force. His goals encompassed not just the field of play but the development, cohesion, and prosperity of the whole Bunninadden community.

Bunninadden GAA blossomed and developed into more than just a sporting club under Michael James’ direction. It developed into a center of friendship, sportsmanship, and neighborhood spirit. A sense of community and purpose was fostered among players, spectators, and volunteers because to his ability to inspire and unite people.

Michael James Scanlon will be remembered for his unwavering dedication, perseverance, and strategic vision for the club, even above his on-field triumphs. His genuine passion for the game and unshakable belief in its potential to benefit the community were hallmarks of his leadership.

We offer the family of Michael James our sincere condolences as we mourn the passing of a beloved leader. His impact on the Bunninadden GAA community will last for future generations, and his legacy of service and dedication will always be treasured.

Let us continue the flame of passion and community spirit that Michael James Scanlon so fervently kindled as we pay tribute to him. May his leadership and dedication serve as an inspiration to us as we navigate Bunninadden GAA’s future, making sure that his memory endures in every goal scored, every game played, and every friendship forged within our cherished club.