Martin Haughian Obituary, Longtime Resident At Rectory Park Lurgan Has Passed Away

Martin Haughian Obituary, Death –The tragic news of Martin’s unexpected death was delivered to the close-knit community of Lurgan on September 10, 2023. This news devastated everyone in the town. Martin, who passed away at the age of 68, left behind a legacy of love, family, and community that will be remembered by future generations. His life, which he lived to the fullest, brought warmth and love to the hearts of many people, including his family, friends, and those he worked with.

Connie relied on Martin for support and guidance for many years, making him more than just her husband in that regard. Their romance was one for the record books, complete with highs and lows, laughter and tears, and an unbreakable dedication to one another throughout the ups and downs of their lives. They spent the most of their lives together in the warm embrace of number 37 Rectory Park, a home that was brimming with love, laughter, and countless more memories that they will always hold dear. Everyone who ever knew them has their lives changed by the example set by their everlasting love story.

Martin’s two kids, Stephen and Mark, looked up to him as a father who provided them with direction, support, and encouragement in all that they did. He instilled in them the qualities of compassion, honesty, and hard work, all of which they continue to uphold to this day. Martin treated his sons-in-law Lisa and Christina as if they were his own daughters and forged deep ties with both of them. Martin accepted both of his daughters-in-law into his family with open arms. The lives of those who were fortunate enough to be around him benefited greatly from his wit and insight.

The thrill of being a granda to Martin’s five lovely grandchildren—Grace, Madeleine, Conor, Eimear, and Freya, who passed away as an infant—was the source of his greatest happiness in life. He spoiled them rotten by showering them with unending tales, laughter, and affection that knew no bounds. He made sure to be there for all of their important life events, such birthday parties, soccer games, and school plays, so that his presence could always be recognized and appreciated. Even though Freya is no longer with us, her memory continues to live on in the hearts of her family members because of the love and warmth that Martin shared with her during the short time that she spent on this earth.

Martin’s influence was felt by a large number of people beyond only his immediate family. He was a well-loved and respected part of the Lurgan community, and was well-known for his kindness and willingness to offer a hand to those in need. Martin’s presence in Lurgan made the town a better place, whether it was because he mowed the lawn of a neighbor, organized activities for the community, or simply had polite conversations with people over a cup of tea.

The loss of Martin has created an emptiness in the lives of everyone who had the honor of being able to call him a friend. However, his legacy will continue to be carried on through the innumerable accounts and recollections of people whose lives he had an impact on. We will be gathering on Friday at the Lakelands Crematorium in County Cavan to say our final goodbyes, and during this time, we will also be celebrating the life of a magnificent man who leaves behind a legacy of love, family, and community.

Although Martin is not physically present with us any longer, his spirit will continue to live on in the hearts of his cherished family and friends for all time. He leaves behind a poignant reminder that the quality of a life well lived is not determined by the number of years lived but rather by the amount of love and kindness that is shared with other  Let us remember the lessons Martin taught us as we join together to celebrate his life and say our farewells: to treasure the people we love, to be nice to our neighbors, and to approach each day with an open heart. By carrying out this action, we are paying tribute to his memory and carrying on the legacy of love that he has left behind in the community of Lurgan.