Linda Burch Obituary, Devoted Grandmother Has Passed Away

Linda Burch Obituary, Death – We regret to inform you of the quiet departure on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at the age of 61, of Linda Burch, a cherished wife, proud mother, and loving grandmother. Linda was a living example of love, family, and the fulfilment that came with being a wife, mother, and grandma.

Robert and Carol (Lunde) Tway welcomed Linda into the world on August 5, 1962, and she grew up in the loving embrace of Avalanche, Wisconsin. She touched the lives of all who were fortunate enough to know her and defined her character from the outset with her warmth and kindness.

Linda travelled a path filled with love and commitment. She and her husband had a connection as spouses that went beyond the norm, building a foundation of friendship, support, and common goals. She was a mother who provided her children with loving care, direction, and an uncompromising dedication to their welfare. She also delighted in the satisfaction of passing on treasured customs and making enduring memories as a grandma.

Linda was a loving, gentle person who shone during the quiet times and when they laughed together. Her love for her family is what carries on her legacy; it leaves a lasting impression that time cannot take away. Although Linda is no longer with us, we will always treasure the memories of her love, humour, and the innumerable times spent with loved ones.

We send our warmest condolences to Linda Burch’s family and friends during this difficult time of grief. May the enduring affection, the shared memories, and the legacy of a life well lived provide them comfort. The community will always bear a lasting mark of Linda’s influence on the persons she touched.

May we be inspired by Linda’s example of love, generosity, and commitment as we pay tribute to her memory. May she rest in peace for all eternity, surrounded by the tranquilly that she so richly merits. Linda may not be physically present with us anymore, but her spirit endures in the hearts of everyone who had the pleasure of knowing and loving her.