Lewis Turner Obituary, Member Of Truckers Of Past, Present And Future Has Sadly Passed Away

Lewis Turner Obituary, Death – It is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that I share the unexpected passing of my father, Lewis Watchthemhaters Turner, this Monday. He left us while doing what he loved most – working. Tomorrow, on 11/12/2023, at 1 pm EST, we will gather to celebrate his life and bid our final goodbyes.

My father’s passion for life was evident in the choices he made. After serving in the Marines, he found solace and joy in long-haul trucking. The open road became his second home, and the hum of the engine was his symphony. His dedication to his craft continued until a heart attack forced him to relinquish his beloved big rigs. Undeterred, he transitioned to construction, showcasing the resilience that defined him. Some of my fondest memories revolve around the time spent in the cab of his truck.

He was more than a father; he was my guide on the winding roads of life. Dad imparted valuable lessons – teaching me the love of the road and instilling a profound respect for truckers, whom he believed to be the backbone of our nation. “If you’re ever lost, follow a trucker,” he would say.

“They’ll always lead you back to the main road.” Those words became my compass, and I felt a sense of security whenever surrounded by the mighty presence of big rigs. Dad’s influence runs deep, shaping not just my driving preferences but also my perspective on life. As we come together to honor Lewis Turner, let us remember the man who found joy in the simple hum of a big rig and who, through his wisdom, taught us to appreciate the unsung heroes on the road. May his spirit continue to guide us, much like the reassuring sound of a passing truck.