Lan Taplin Obituary, Dedicated Open Hands Charity Trustee Has Died

Lan Taplin Obituary, Death- Our dear friend and dedicated Open Hands Trustee, Ian Taplin, has passed away, and we are devastated to share the news. On Sunday, September 10th, Ian passed away suddenly, leaving a hole in our lives that will never be filled.

His death was the consequence of long-standing health issues that only became apparent in the days leading up to his passing, and he passed away peacefully in the company of his wife and children. Ian’s life exemplified his dedication to helping others.

All who were fortunate enough to know him were forever changed by his example of selflessness and compassion. His unwavering belief in God was more than just words; it was the driving force behind all he did. Ian, a former lawyer and accountant, has been a tremendous help to our nonprofit by volunteering his time and expertise.

His honesty was the bedrock of our company, and he was able to blend business savvy with genuine kindness. Ian became more than just a valued advisor; he also became a dear friend to many and a pillar of strength. Ian’s hilarious sense of humor brought much-needed joy and laughter into our lives.

He had a rare talent for carrying on deep conversations about everything from the history of the exclamation point to quantum physics. Every conversation with him was a highlight of my life because of his exceptional humor and intellect. We thought you’d appreciate that book, and it makes us sad that we couldn’t suggest it to you, Ian.

Without you, our world would be severely incomplete. We shall miss your calm voice on the other end of the phone and your sound guidance that kept us from making hasty decisions. The times spent together will always be remembered for their warmth, humor, and friendship.

Let us find comfort in the hope that we will again see our cherished companion after this period of great sorrow. With the same steadfast devotion with which Ian served, loved, and befriended others, Open Hands Trust will continue its mission to build God’s kingdom on earth. Dear Ian, may you rest in peace, secure in the knowledge that you will never be forgotten. Our friend, until we meet again.