Keith Romans Obituary, Sully Indoor Bowling Club Founder Member Has Died

Keith Romans Obituary, Death- We mourn the unexpected death of Keith Romans on September 18, 2023. Keith was the inspiration behind the Sully Indoor Bowling Club, and his undying passion, unlimited determination, and amazing leadership helped make the concept a reality.

Keith Romans, born in 1950, was determined from childhood. He founded the Sully Indoor Bowling Club because of his desire and vision. His sports passion and community service were extraordinary. Keith wanted to provide a welcoming area for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together, socialize, and enjoy indoor bowling.

Under his creative leadership, the Sully Indoor Bowls Arena became a hive of activity, fun, and companionship, enhancing many members’ lives. Keith’s club loyalty was unrivaled. His hard efforts ensured the arena’s development was precise and careful. His imaginative leadership transformed the club into a vibrant community institution that will long honor him.

In addition to bowling, Keith Romans was a dear friend, a loving family member, and an inspiration to all who knew him. His generosity and tremendous energy impacted many and left an unforgettable mark on us. Keith’s sudden departure leaves an unfillable vacuum. We mourn his death but also celebrate a life well lived—a life committed to a goal that became a reality and filled with love, determination, and purpose.

His beloved family, whose unflinching support matched his passion to the club, and the many friends and admirers he touched are his survivors. will host a Keith Romans memorial ceremony. To honor Keith and keep the arena a place of joy and unity for future generations, the family requests donations to the Sully Indoor Bowling Club in lieu of flowers.

Let us remember Keith with thanks for his exceptional life and strong spirit as we say goodbye. His legacy should motivate us to pursue our dreams and achieve them, as he did with the Sully Indoor Bowling Club. Keith Romans, rest easy. People you touched will never forget you.