John Stedman Obituary, Member Of Devon Dowsers Has Died

John Stedman Obituary, Death – We announce with heavy hearts that John Stedman, a beloved member of our community, passed away quietly at home on Wednesday, November 8, at the age of 84. All those who had the honor of knowing John will really miss his pleasant presence and his contributions to the dowsing community. John started working with Devon Dowsers not long after the group was founded, in the early months of 1993.

Having taken a course with John Bowers at Okehampton College, he developed a mutual enthusiasm for the mystical art of dowsing, which marked his entrée into the field. John and his close buddy set out on this dowsing expedition as smallholders, delving into the secrets that lurked beneath the surface. A crucial phase in their dowsing experience transpired at a smallholding close to Black Dog. Under the knowledgeable guidance of the village’s Old Mr. Burrows, they learned about the intriguing art of water divining.

When they found a pipe in a field, the simple hazel twigs in their hands opened up a world of possibilities. The enchantment of that instant ignited a passion for dowsing that would define John’s journey for the rest of his life. John was more than just a curious person when it came to his craft. He and his friend invited the neighborhood to participate in a dowsing day where they demonstrated the art of divination.

They even encountered unexpected gems along the way, such as money hidden under an old carpet, which brought excitement and fun to their common interests. As we say goodbye to John Stedman, let us recall him as a close friend who experienced life’s mysteries and delights as well as a trailblazer in the field of dowsing. His family, friends, and the whole Devon Dowsers community have our sincere condolences. I pray that John’s soul will continue to exist in the branches he once held, serving as a constant reminder of the wonder and enchantment he gave to our journey together.