John Corrigan Obituary, Has Passed Away

John Corrigan Obituary, Death- We announce the loss of John Corrigan, a beloved member of our GAA family, with heavy hearts and profound sadness. Not only does the committee mourn his passing, but so does every player and member who had the honor of getting to know him. John was a source of love and inspiration in our GAA community. He was the brother of Owen, a committed youth coach, and the uncle of Shane and James, two enthusiastic youth players.

John’s devotion to our club was profound and ingrained in the GAA family. His unwavering support—whether it was during quiet times of fellowship with fellow members or on the sidelines, cheering on his family members—created a sense of unity that is emblematic of our community. We send our sincere condolences to John’s brother Owen, his nephews Shane and James, and their entire family during this difficult time of grief.

We all feel the sadness of losing a dear one in our GAA family, and his passing has left an indescribable vacuum. We look to the Gaelic tradition in remembrance of John Corrigan, providing prayers and consolation. “Mary, Queen of the Gael, pray for him.” I hope my remarks serve as a reminder that, despite our sadness, we are strengthened by the ties that bind our community together.

Let’s not forget the happiness John brought to our GAA family as we unite to commemorate his life. The memories we have of him, the triumphs we have celebrated, and the sense of community he helped us all to develop are testaments to his legacy.

We are all standing together in sadness and support of the Corrigan family during this trying time. May John Corrigan rest in peace, knowing that his spirit lives on in the hearts of the GAA family he so deeply loved, and may the love and prayers of our GAA community provide consolation.