Jason Wilhelm Obituary, 90 Day Fiance’ Amanda Wilhelm’s Husband Died of Ampullary Cancer

Jason Wilhelm Obituary, Death – Amanda has a husband and two young children whom she adores. Her husband, Jason, was stricken with cancer out of the blue after eight years of marriage. “We were best friends, and I would’ve never expected a future without him,” the Louisiana native said in her first appearance on the show on June 4. However, Jason has had breathing problems for about a year now.

It seemed like it was in his chest, and he worried that he had pneumonia or something terrible. Despite the fact that X-rays and CT scans showed nothing out of the ordinary, Jason remained adamant that something was “wrong.” His diagnosis of deadly stage four ampullary cancer wasn’t given to him until eight months after his initial visit to the doctor.

The illness had metastasized throughout his entire body.She sobbed as she broke the news to the producers that even with chemotherapy, her husband only had three months to live. Only ten days after receiving the diagnosis, she watched “his life leaving his eyes,” and then he was gone. Finally, “he was gone.” Cancer of the ampulla is a rare disease that can develop at any point in the digestive tract.

The Mayo Clinic states that ampullary cancer “forms close to many other parts of the digestive system, such as the liver, pancreas, and small intestine.” These other organs may be affected if the malignancy of the ampulla spreads. No one knows for sure what causes this disease, but in order to treat it, extensive surgical procedures are often necessary.

Jason, who was 45 years old when he died on March 19, 2022, according to his obituary. “Jason was a strong, funny, and caring individual. The obituary for this man said, “He made a room light up simply by being in it.” His children were his pride and joy, and he had nothing but the highest regard for each and every one of them. We will miss him tremendously.