Greg Sanchez Obituary, In Loving Memory Of (Duke Of Klinker 1986) Greg Sanchez

Greg Sanchez Obituary, Death – The news of Greg Sanchez’s demise, who served as Duke of Klinker in 1986, leaves us with a heavy heart. Greg’s childhood was spent in St. Paul, and the Winter Carnival, in especially the Vulcans, held a great deal of interest for him.

When Greg returned home after his time of duty in the United States Navy, he was inspired by the adventures of his neighbor and childhood friend, Harry Voss, who participated in the 1971 Vulcan Krewe as Count Embrious. Greg’s first application to join the Vulcan race was turned down since he was too young at the time.

After waiting a few years, he submitted a new application, which this time was successful. Greg’s involvement with Fire and Brimstone dates all the way back to 1986 when he was a member of “The Heat is on!” Vulcan Krewe. Greg’s unflappable good disposition and unwavering dedication to Fire and Brimstone have served as shining examples of the values of brotherhood and fraternity for several decades.

He never failed to bestow upon us a kind word, an upbeat attitude, and a mischievous grin. Greg acted as an inspiration to his three brothers, Mark (Klinker ’95), Gary (Sooty ’05), and Rick (Sooty ’06), who all joined the Vulcans as a result of Greg’s influence.

During the first day of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival in 1986, the beautiful Phalen Lake Ice Castle was revealed to the public for the first time. Greg Sanchez was made the Knight of the Vulcan Krewe in 1986, making his promotion to the position of Duke of Klinker a major occasion. I wish the ember that is burning the longest the best of luck. Praise be to the Klink!

Author: John Wills