Eric Donati Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Beloved Chicago IL, Resident

Eric Donati Obituary, Death – The passing of our dear friend Eric Donati, who was known as Harry Hood to those who knew him well, occurred not too long ago, and it is with the utmost sadness that we share this news with you. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing Eric was profoundly impacted by the gentle spirit and boundless kindness that he had.

This imprint will remain in everyone’s mind forever. His absence leaves a void that other approaches will never be able to fill to the same extent as he did. Eric was an exceptionally kind and compassionate person who possessed a heart that could feel sympathy for an infinite number of people.

He made an imprint on the lives of a great number of individuals as a result of the kindness and charity he displayed.  Those who had the good fortune to be able to call him a relative or a friend will never forget the times that they were able to spend with him because of the good fortune that was afforded to them.

The memories that Eric bestowed upon us bring solace during this difficult time when we are working hard to come to terms with the sudden loss that we have suffered. The love that he had for other people, the wisdom that he passed on to others, and the joy that he brought into our lives will serve as an enduring tribute to the legacy that he left behind.

The timing for the communication of information pertaining to the service shall be determined appropriately. Let us come together in remembrance and celebration of the kind and gentle spirit that was Eric Donati, whose name will remain etched in our minds and in our hearts forever. Eric will live on in every one of our hearts forever in the form of cherished memories.