Emma McTiernan Obituary, GoFundMe, Albany, New York Resident Has Passed Away

Emma McTiernan Obituary, Death – The untimely death of Emma McTiernan, a cherished person whose life was full of promise and enthusiasm, has shocked the community. For Emma and Joe, November 7, Finn Murphy McTiernan’s birthday, was supposed to be a happy day. But just as they were celebrating the birth of a new child, disaster struck.

Emma passed away too soon due to an extremely rare condition, leaving Joe to deal with the challenges of being a single dad. Now, Joe has to take on the difficult responsibility of raising their newborn baby, Finn, in the midst of their deep sorrow over the passing of their loving wife. This unanticipated path presents both financial and emotional difficulties that need community support. Finn, who weighs eight pounds and thirteen ounces, is a happy, healthy eight-pound monument to Emma and Joe’s love.

Joe and Finn have a challenging path ahead of them, despite the fact that they are taking each day one step at a time. Ariel Kraeling, Joe’s eldest daughter, has launched a generous fundraising campaign to help relieve Joe’s financial burden and free up his time to tend to Finn during this difficult time. Being a single parent comes with a financial burden that is already challenging due to funeral and medical expenses.

Joe will have enough money to pay for his future medical expenses, childcare expenses, and other necessities because of your kind donations. Joe and Finn would be grateful for any assistance, no matter how modest, to help them get through this transitional time. Let’s offer Joe and Finn our love and support as a community so they can have the fortitude and resiliency they need to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead. To contribute, please visit the GoFundMe page.