Eamon Guyler Obituary, a Native of Coleraine, Northern Ireland, Has Sadly Passed Away

Eamon Guyler Obituary, Death – On November 10, 2023, Eamon Guyler, a beloved local, abruptly passed away. Coleraine, Northern Ireland, is in mourning. We mourn the loss of a wonderful man, a cornerstone of his neighborhood, and a beloved Guyler family member today. More than just a name on a street, Eamon Patrick lived at 967 Freehall Park in Castlerock.

He was a dedicated father to Carley and Jonathan, a loving husband to Jeanella, and a father-in-law to Ashley and Ronan. For Logan, Clodagh, Ellie-Rose, William, Freddie, Graham, John, Chloe, Reagan, and Aimee, Eamon acted as a devoted grandfather. Not only did he have family ties, but he was also a beloved brother and uncle who left a lasting impression on everyone who knew him. The gap that Eamon’s abrupt departure has created is difficult to replace.

The Guyler family and the entire town have suffered a great lot at the hands of life’s unpredictable nature. We are made acutely aware of the fleeting nature of life and the value of savoring each moment as we struggle to come to terms with his absence. Uncle Eamon’s contagious laugh and the happiness he provides to everyone around him are captured in a treasured snapshot. It is a moving remembrance of the enjoyable times spent together and the laughter that reverberated in his presence.

Not only was Eamon a man, but he was a genuine character who left a lasting impression on everyone who had the good fortune to know him. We are sending our prayers and best wishes to the Guyler family during this trying time. Let’s come together to provide consolation and support as they work through the grief of losing someone.

On Sunday and Monday, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., family and friends are welcome to pay their condolences at the Guyler family home. People who were impacted by Eamon Guyler still carry his legacy in their hearts. May his family find comfort in the treasured memories of a life well spent, and may he rest in peace.