David Phelps Obituary, Running 4 Heroes Inc Announces The Death Of David Phelps

David Phelps Obituary, Death – In a poignant announcement, we share the somber news of Mile 1,634, dedicated to the memory of the late Prairieton Fire Department (IN) District Chief David “Dave” Phelps. Chief Phelps, a dedicated public servant, tragically lost his life on 11/2/23 due to a heart attack while bravely battling a residential fire.

This mile serves as a symbolic tribute to Chief Phelps, acknowledging his selfless service, courage, and ultimate sacrifice. The run, organized by Youth Runner Andrew in Gainesville, Georgia, is scheduled for Wednesday, 11/15 at 8 PM ET, marking a collective effort to honor and remember the life of a hero who dedicated his career to protecting others.

As the community comes together to embark on this commemorative run, we extend our heartfelt condolences to Chief Phelps’s family. The prayers of a grateful community accompany them during this difficult time, serving as a testament to the deep gratitude and respect felt for a firefighter who gave his all in the line of duty.

In honoring Chief Phelps, Mile 1,634 becomes a poignant reminder of the resilience and unity within the firefighting community. It is a mile not only measured in distance but in the collective heartbeat of those who remember and celebrate the life of a true hero. May Chief David Phelps rest in peace, and may his family find strength and solace in the support of a grateful nation.

Author: John Wills