David Fritts Obituary, Kansas MO, Unicorn Theatre Former Actor Has Passed Away

David Fritts Obituary, Death – With the passing of David Fritts, Kansas City has lost one of its biggest talents. He was hailed as one of the area’s best actors as well as for his friendliness, approachability, and sharp mind. Stages were made more beautiful by David’s presence, and those who had the honor of knowing him had better lives.

Many people were initially introduced to David’s talent through his mesmerizing performance in “Glengarry Glen Ross” in 2009. It was a privilege to meet him at the Living Room Theater during the performance of “Oleanna,” another Mamet gem. David’s extraordinary versatility was demonstrated by the ease with which he could go from witty banter to philosophical discussions.

David attracted people with his captivating personality, making a lasting impression on everyone who had the pleasure of coming into contact with him. Only his compassion and kindness could rival his contagious charm and sharp wit. All those who had the good fortune to call David a friend are greatly saddened by his passing.

Words are powerless to replace the emptiness created by his abrupt departure. He will be regarded as a clever and accomplished person who made an enduring impression on the Kansas City theater scene. David was incredibly strong and resilient, especially in the face of his wife’s illness and eventual death. He handled that loss well, protecting himself from the despair with humor.

It was a great credit to his character that he was able to find hope even under the most trying circumstances. The impact David had on those who had the good fortune to know him was tremendous. His example of excellence motivated and encouraged people around him. Future generations of artists and theater lovers will continue to draw inspiration from his legacy.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and the whole Kansas City Theater community as we grieve the loss of this extraordinary person. David Fritts leaves a legacy of genius, friendship, and steadfast dedication to the profession he cherished dear. We will continue to look for the rivers and roads that bring David’s spirit closer to us in honor of him, and we will work hard every day to live up to his expectations.