Charlie Davis Obituary, Member Of Roger Mahan Heritage Centre Has Passed Away

Charlie Davis Obituary, Death – It was revealed to be Charlie Davis all along At the Roger Mahan Heritage Centre, Charlie Davis was not just a dear friend but also a cherished colleague who was held in high regard. This week, we are writing to share with you the extremely sad news that Charlie Davis has died away. He was an exceptional person in his own right. Charlie served as a Trustee for the museum for a period of twenty years, during which time he was essential in the museum’s growth and development into the organization that it is today.

During this time, Charlie was also responsible for a number of museum acquisitions. Everyone would sorely miss his expertise in old machinery of all makes and models, but notably International Harvester, in particular. His passing will be deeply regretted. Those who have benefitted from his skill the most are the ones who have worked with it.

As a consequence of this, we would want to express our appreciation to Charlie for everything he has done for the museum, as well as for the friendship he has bestowed upon us and the interesting anecdotes he has told us as we sipped our whiskey. In addition, we would like to thank him for the entertaining stories he told us while we were drinking our whiskey.

During this trying time, we are keeping the members of Charlie’s family, as well as his friends and the community, in our thoughts. The following are some of the things that will be included at the memorial service that will be held in honor of Charlie: Tapanui is the location of the West Otago Community Centre, which will serve as the venue for the event. It is mentioned that the meeting will take place on Thursday, November 16 at 2:00 p.m. November 16th, in case you were wondering

Author: John Wills