Carmel Buck Obituary, The Katandra West Bowling Club Pays Tribute

Carmel Buck Obituary, Death – It is with heavy hearts that the Katandra West Bowling Club announces the passing of our dear friend, Carmel Buck. The news brings a somber atmosphere to our close-knit community, as Carmel was not only a valued member but also a cherished companion to the club’s long-time member, Icy Gardner.

Carmel’s warm presence and friendly demeanor made her a beloved figure within the club. She had an uncanny ability to brighten any room with her infectious laughter and genuine kindness. Her camaraderie with Icy Gardner was particularly special, creating a bond that added a unique and heartwarming dynamic to the club’s social fabric. Their friendship was a testament to the lasting connections that can be forged within the bowling community. As we mourn Carmel’s passing, our thoughts and condolences extend to both Icy and Carmel’s families

Losing a member of our bowling family is a profound loss, and we understand the pain that comes with saying goodbye to someone who brought so much joy and positivity to our community. In these difficult times, we find solace in the memories of Carmel’s contributions to the club.

Her spirit will live on in the camaraderie she fostered, the laughter she shared, and the indelible mark she left on our hearts. The Katandra West Bowling Club stands united in grief, offering support to one another and honoring the memory of a dear friend who will be deeply missed. May Carmel rest in peace, and may her legacy continue to inspire warmth and connection within our close community.