Blake Dorning Obituary, Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society Past President Has Died

Blake Dorning Obituary, Death – The courageous battle against cancer that Blake Dorning, a former president of the HMCHS and sheriff of Madison County, waged until his death on November 14, 2023, was ultimately unsuccessful. The sheriff’s office shared the following eulogy for Blake on its various social media platforms: “Sherriff Blake Dorning was a man of integrity, faith, honor, courage, and duty.” [S]heriff Blake Dorning was a man of integrity, faith, honor, courage, and duty.

But more than anything else, and right down to the core of his being, Blake was a compassionate guy…” The following was a statement that was given by Sheriff Kevin Turner on Sheriff Dorning: “Sheriff Dorning will be remembered for his selfless service, devotion, and dedication to his family, fellow law enforcement officers, and community during his career.

” Within our organization, he will always serve as a model of professionalism and an inspiration to others… Blake has our sincere appreciation for the time he spent serving as President of the HMCHS during his tenure on the Board of Directors of the Society. He steered the Society through the early years of the pandemic, responding along the way to the unforeseen challenges that it posed.

In addition to great historical issues that could be covered, he provided a wealth of fantastic contacts inside the community. The members of the HMCHS community are deeply saddened to learn of the demise of Blake Dorning and would want to express their condolences to his family.

Author: John Wills