Barry Allen Obituary, Motorcyclist Killed In Southern Kentucky Fatal Crash

Barry Allen Obituary, Death – The Kentucky State Police have opened an investigation into the fatal motorcycle accident that took place in southern Kentucky as a direct response to the unfortunate incident that took place in that region.

The accident took place in that region. In Rockcastle County, Kentucky, on Sunday afternoon, the Kentucky State Police reported that a Ford pickup truck failed to yield the right of way when it was going north on the exit ramp of Interstate 75 at United States Highway 25. The incident took place in Rockcastle County. The event occurred at the junction of those two motorways when they were traveling in opposite directions. The event took place around the middle of the day.

The incident occurred in the area of the interchange where Interstate 75 and United States Route 25 meet. According to the accident records, the vehicle that the driver was operating at the time of the incident was involved in a collision with a motorcycle that was parked nearby at the time of the occurrence.

It was reported that 62-year-old Barry Allen, who was operating the motorcycle at the time of the accident, had been injured. As a consequence, once it was determined that he had been hurt, he was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. Sadly, he was unable to fight off the effects of his injuries and passed away very unexpectedly at the location.

His body was discovered in the area. Because there has not been enough time for the investigation to advance to this point, it is not possible to say with absolute confidence whether or not criminal charges will be filed. This is due to the fact that the investigation is still in its early stages.