Andrew Smith Obituary, Great Pillar Of Strength Has Sadly Passed Away

Andrew Smith Obituary, Death – In a heart-wrenching announcement, the bereaved family of Andrew Smith shared the devastating news of his sudden passing at home on the 27th of October. To anyone who had the privilege of knowing this remarkable man, the family extends an invitation to join them in bidding farewell and paying respects at his funeral.

The funeral service is scheduled for 1:20 pm on Friday, the 24th, at Skipton Crematorium. Following the solemn ceremony, attendees are welcome to gather at the Black Bull in Sutton to share memories and support one another during this difficult time. Andrew, fondly known as “Rock on Tommy,” was undeniably a character, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those around him. Acknowledging the nuances of his personality, the family highlights his controversial yet captivating nature.

Despite any controversies, Andrew was a great father and a loyal friend to many. Expressing their deep sense of loss, the family, represented by the poignant words of a loved one, Sarah, conveys the profound impact of Andrew’s departure.

His absence will be keenly felt, and the void left behind will be a constant reminder of the love and camaraderie he brought into their lives. As the family faces the challenging days ahead without their patriarch, they find solace in the memories of a loving father and cherished friend. The message concludes with a heartfelt “R.I.P dad, love you xxxx,” encapsulating the enduring love and affection they hold for Andrew, forever etched in their hearts.